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This blog is about our energy and greenhouse gas emissions, and potential ways to reduce them. There are three reasons why saving energy is a good thing:
  • Saving money - although in practice energy is remarkably cheap.
  • Improving energy security - an increasing proportion of our fuel is imported from politically interesting places like Russia and Saudi Arabia, and there is increasing demand from growing economies such as China
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions leading to climate change.
No matter which of these motivates you most, it is possible to change - but it is hard to know how to change and what we should be lobbying our MPs to change at the national level. These are the issues I explore in this blog.

This blog is mostly about personal choices such as:
and issues in business and commerce such as:

and finally there are posts about national energy strategy such as:

If you have disagree with me, or have some related knowledge or experience to share then please add your comments to my posts. You will be very welcome. However, I may delete any comments that I judge are not relevant or are merely advertising.

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  1. Hi Nicola, Thanks for your blog which a friend recommended to me on water use. I've been challenging preconceptions of 'green' choices for some time like 'showers good baths bad' or 'low volume flush good old flush bad' so having seen your article on this, i was pleased to see your analysis of baths and showers that you had included the basin bath or as i tend to call them flannel baths.


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