Useful Links has FAQ pages on how to save energy and generate renewable energy at home - such as solar PV panels, heat pumps, insulation and running a condensing boiler. Transition Cambridge is an organisation of volunteers and I have helped to author these pages. - a website for comparing energy consumption of consumer appliances you can buy such as washing machines, refrigerators and so on.

A personal energy usage calculator  showing you how much energy you are using for heating, cooking, appliances, transport and so on.

- which is based on data from Sustainable Energy without with Hot Air by David MacKay - OK it's for geeks but I have geek leanings. If you like to read about up and coming technology which can help with environmental sustainability this is the place to start.

2050 Pathways calculator from DECC - a tool to help you understand what choices we need to make in terms of energy supply and reducing demand in order to meet our greenhouse gas reduction commitments.

From my own website:

Energy and Carbon Emissions: the way we live today
Nicola Terry
Published by UIT Cambridge

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