Sunday, 15 July 2012

Home Electricity Calculator Tool

I have put together a simple tool to help you visualise how much electricity you are using for different purposes and see where you can make savings. It starts up with data from the DECC Home Electricity Survey I reported on not long ago. (How we use electricity at home - a survey) This is from a sample of only 251 households but they are reasonably representative of the UK as a whole.  My tool lists 25 or so electrical appliances you are likely to have at home - such as washing machines, hair dryers, lights, TVs  and computers - plus you can add your own. Also you can adjust the calculations, for example how much TV you watch, how often you run the washing machine or dishwasher.  The tool calculates the electricity usage per day for each appliance so you can compare them fairly. Appliances vary a lot so I strongly recommend you measure as much as you can with a plug in monitor. Please do try it out.

Here is a screen shot showing what the tool looks like. You can use the CSV button to generate data you can copy into a spreadsheet to get different charts.
Screen shot from energy calculator tool

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