Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A chance to promote cycling in the UK

Just a quick one - but I would like to promote this petition for better safety for cyclists in the road. I have blogged on transport issues before (Sustainable travel without losing friends) and cycling instead of driving by car reduces congestion on the roads, saves you money and often time and reduces carbon emissions - but you are 18 times more likely to get injured in an accident on a bike as in a car (per km travelled).

Sign the petition here. It calls for the government to implement recommendations in a report from the  All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group. There is more about the report in the Guardian here and in the Times here. You can now read the summary report and recommendations here ((pdf) and the full report here (pdf)

Amended 19:20pm 24/Apr to add links to the actual report.

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  1. It looks like bike sharing is also on the up world wide: