Saturday, 4 May 2013

Avoid the Green Deal scammers

The government's Green Deal scheme is gathering momentum - in March alone there were 7,465 assessments done and £42 million promised in grants through the Energy Companies Obligation scheme [1]. That is not bad going from a standing start in February.

However, the Green Deal isn't just good news for people worried about their energy bills. The scheme is starting to attract fraudsters - so watch out. If someone comes to your door offering you a grant but first you need to pay an 'administration fee' do not believe them [2]. I dare say they will soon be trying it on the telephone as well.

The Green Deal is a government scheme for giving advice and financial help with energy saving improvements to your home. The first step is to get an assessment done and this has to be by a Green Deal approved assessor. You may have to pay a fee for this service or not - sometimes you can get it free or get your money back from your installer - but there is no such thing as an administration fee. You can find an assessor here.

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