Saturday, 14 February 2015

Fossil Free Cambridgshire launch

Cambridge Market Square 
For the Love of...Cambridge and launch of Fossil Free Cambs.

As part of Global Divestment Day I was in the market square today at the launch of Fossil Free Cambs. This is a campaign to pull investments out of the fossil fuel industry. As an investor myself (though not an expert), I think this is only sensible. The nature of the markets are changing. Since we aren't going to burn the fossil fuel reserves that we already know about there is going to be intense competition to supply the limited remaining demand. With supply vastly exceeding demand profits will be squeezed.

In recognition of the trend for divestment the FTSE now has a fossil free index and it is doing quite well. The FTSE Developed Fossil Free Index has outperformed the FTSE Developed index in 4 out of the last 5 years.

Also, if you fancy investing directly in renewable energy, the Reach Solar Farm share offer is now open (to 17th March).  This will probably be one of the last community energy schemes to qualify for EIS tax relief before the rules change (see Changes coming for Community Energy). So if you are a taxpayer you might like to take a look!

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